Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Google Analytics Gr8est Hitz

I'm sure all of you with histrionic personality disorders such as -->MYSELF<-- have the magic of Google Analytics implanted into your outlet for the depository for creative abortions called YER BLAG!. If so, you know it supplies you with a handy list of search terms which people have plugged into Lycos and Ask Jeeves to happen across your electroneck of the interwoods. You would not believe how many of mine from the past year are Katy Perry-related. I knew she was googled constantly, but Jesus, guys, how realistic were your hopes for "katy perry orgasm," really? Extremely realistic, or just ball-clenchingly necessary to exist? Anyway, here are a few mostly not Katy Perry-related ones as a record of my favorites, which show that even though I am not as internet-famous as Mr. Hands or other children's heroes, I have done some things I can be proud of to have been found with these search terms. Especially the last one.

I know one of us did!

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