Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013


Spring has springed, as they say, and what better time to do pranks on a friend or neighbor than the most fertile of seasons?

  • Place a fetal pig in your office's water cooler and send an office-wide email about gettin' some pig juice
  • Rotate the furniture in your roommate's room 360 degrees and hide to watch the hijinx ensue
  • Maggots fit nicely into holes in a phone receiver
  • Fill your friend's gas tank up with baking soda and vinegar. "Your car is a volcano!" you will say, laughing
  • Offer someone some gum, and if they say yes, pull out one of their eye teeth and say "there's some gum right there"
  • Bees, bees, bees
  • Slip a microwave into the pocket of someone who has a pacemaker  and hide to watch the hijinx ensue
  • Put some live squirrels on a friend's wall and paint over them. Wait till your friend goes in the room, chuck some handfuls of acorns in with them and delight as the walls come alive
  • Acid, acid, acid
  • Fill the toilet bowls in your house with chum. "WHAT IS THIS?" your family will shriek, flushing. That's when they'll see the baby sharks you put in the toilet tanks.
  • Apologize to everyone you see for slavery and say it will never happen again. Wink.
  • Tell your friend you switched around their phone contacts, but don't actually do it. Then key their car.
  • Set all the office clocks to be 10 minutes minutes behind. Email timestamps will still be correct, so send a mass email from a personal address that says GREETINGS FROM THE FUTURE! SORRY ABOUT YOUR WIFE :( to your whole office and hide to watch the hijinx ensue
  • Go to a library