Monday, May 4, 2015

life of Joss!!!!!!!!!

Joss Whedon awoke with his hand firmly grasping his awful dick.

"Oh boy," he giggled to himself before he even opened his eyes. "Life deals you a real crazy deck, huh?" His wife did not stir. She had long since tuned out his giggles.

His wife was a Roomba he had taped a "W" onto so that it covered up her R. He assured her this was most "witty."

"Maybe... I should have said crazy DICK!!" He paused, groping for his Moleskine with one hand while the other still gripped his turgid slug. "Does that offend the female sensibility though, m'lady?"

He wasn't really asking his wife. He laughed because he was most capable of determining what the female sensibility could handle. She still did not stir.

He was very proud of himself for staying married to a strong robot. She was a series 500 even though he could have upgraded to an 800 at this point. After all, he made lots of money!! But he didn't want to seem "shallow." Even though, as he so often giggled to himself, his wife was allowed to be shallow... she was only a few inches tall!!!

"Idea for a movie -- A woman who is STRONG" he scribbled into his Moleskine, then shut it with great satisfaction and a gentle squeeze to his blunt, horrific slab of dick. After a moment's consideration and the tip of his blunt pinkie finger firmly dug into his terrible penis hole, he reopened the notebook. "???" he added to the end. He laughed aloud with delight! Such is the life of Joss!!!!!

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